Parent Coach Diana Sterling

Hi, I am your Parent Coach and Facilitator Diana Sterling and I teach and coach parents who have struggling or problem teenagers just like you how to help your teenager and your family. I will help you re-create and sustain connection with your teenager because the havoc you are experiencing is most likely damaging all family relationships.

Parent Coach Diana SterlingYou may be paralyzed with fear by seeing what parents of problem teenagers are experiencing around you and are praying that your teen does not fall prey to the daily temptations that surround them. You may be needing a prevention plan to avoid an intervention plan later.

Chances are, you and your teen are facing struggle, power-wars, fighting, disconnection, violence, or their grades may be falling, they are running with a bad crowd, or experimenting with drugs and alcohol…and worse.  As your Parent Coach and family advocate, I can tell you hope is here.

I have prepared an opportunity for you – just to the right. Yes!  This is a powerful starting point and best of all it is my gift to you! Go ahead and jump in with me and start RIGHT NOW transforming your teenager and your family. Time is of the essence.

The Parent as Coach Approach is a must for parents of teenagers. I use this in my own family. This works!”

Jack Canfield, Author Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul

Parent Coach Diana Sterling

I am my “own first client” having raised my son as a self-supporting single mom and I faced it all too. I looked desperately for a solution to bring us both back from the brink (myself and my son) and I could not find a positive practical parenting approach, so I created it by living it first. It was under my nose all the time as trained life coach!

As a Certified Family and Parent Coach, and member in good standing of The International icflogocolorCoach Federation, I have been sharing this startlingly simple and effective methodology with parents of teens all over the globe for the past 15 years in over 15 countries.

I have seen it all – the heartache, the pain, the misery… and yes finally the hope, mutual respect, renewal and joy from re-connection and parent and teen collaboration. I have seen teens come back to life, start making positive choices, get off drugs by their own choice, get off the streets, and reconnect with their parents and other positive role models.

I have witnessed miracles, first in my own life as a parent and then in others. I hold the intention for you as well.Arrow-Blue-Outline-Right up

Let’s get started now and let me be your personal parent coach. I will give you my most potent power tool to begin to see change in your teenager and in your family! Go ahead and jump in – it is FREE!

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“Turning Chaos into Peace and Struggle into Cooperation”

and you and I will spend 38 minutes together.

In your FREE PARENT COACH SESSION, I support you on how to create a new way, a new life and new hope with the ideas and tools from my book, The Parent as Coach Approach: Seven Ways to Coach Your Teenager in the Game of Life.  I have 2 bonus free gifts for you as well, once you listen to your Parent Coaching Session. Go ahead – your teenager will thank you!

If I can do this as one simple parent,
you can too.

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